Booked it. Packed it...Lost it!

September 2007

Haphazard holidaymakers are leaving themselves wide open to theft by not securing their luggage effectively. According to a recent survey, 15 per cent of travellers had been victims of theft, with their luggage being the main target. And of those who had belongings stolen, a staggering 85 per cent admitted they hadn’t used a padlock.

According to the survey, Britons aren’t anywhere near security-conscious enough. Just under half surveyed said they never padlocked their suitcase, leaving them easy targets for opportunist thieves.

The research, undertaken by leading security brand Kasp®® to coincide with Kasp®’s high profile TV advert airing this autumn, comes as kids head back to school and many people are taking advantage of reduced holiday prices and jetting off to foreign shores.

Kasp®’s daredevil advert features a stuntman dangling from a crane above a busy street in Cape Town by two lengths of wire cable held together with only a brass Kasp®® padlock, demonstrating the sheer strength of this range.

Graham Godfrey, brand manager for Kasp®®, said:

“This research is very revealing and shows the importance of making sure your luggage is locked before setting off on your travels. Doing so means you are less likely to be a victim of luggage theft or having something taken from your suitcase.

“Given the misery this can cause – especially losing important items such as clothes, passport or travellers’ cheques before you have even got on the plane – it’s vital that travellers take note. Get it locked, and you’re less likely to lose it!

“Obviously some determined thieves may still have a go at taking a suitcase with a lock on it. But having a decent padlock is sure to deter most opportunistic criminals who are usually looking for easy pickings.”

He added: “And the message from our advertising campaign couldn’t be clearer in this respect: Kasp®® padlocks are guaranteed to be strong, very strong, so when it really matters choose Kasp®® - locks you can trust”.

To make up for the misery that luggage theft can cause, Kasp®® is generously giving people the opportunity to win a holiday of a lifetime to Cape Town where the Kasp®® TV commercial was filmed, along with spending money. Entry forms for this offer are available at point of purchase from participating retailers.




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