National Home Security Week

14th August 2007

With National Home Security Week (25-31 August) almost upon us, Kasp®, the UK’s leading supplier of padlocks, is urging residents to re-think their current home security measures and take action to deter would be thieves.

Graham Godfrey, brand manager for Kasp®, warned: "Although this summer has been a washout, the remainder of August is set to brighten up, which tempts us outdoors leaving property at greater risk.

"Police report that this is the time of year when more properties are broken into than any other. People are out enjoying the fine weather or heading away for a break, and they can easily forget to secure their homes."

"Garden sheds are also an easy target and sadly 15% of Brits never lock or secure their garden shed doors, which is bewildering when you consider that the average shed contains around £2000 worth of equipment!"

"National Home Safety Week is the ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the potential dangers and encourages residents to secure their properties adequately."

Kasp® offers a comprehensive range of easy to install, wireless alarms, which are triggered by the detection of movement and are ideal for the home, garden shed, garage and even vehicles. Each offers an ultra loud alarm (90 dB - 130 dB), which attracts immediate attention, requires no mains power and is portable for added convenience.

Additionally, Kasp® offers a comprehensive range of padlocks, hasps and staples and security chains.




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