750 Series
Illuminated Combination Coil Cable Bike Lock

Kasp 750 series The feature packed 750 series is equipped with everything you would expect from a combination cable lock, and more. The 12mm diameter high tensile multi-strand cable and resettable 4 dial combination mechanism provides convenient and effective cable lock security whilst the key override feature offers the reassurance of an alternative method of access should the combination code be forgotten.

To ensure ease of use even in the dark the Kasp 750 series features an integrated dial illumination system that lights up the combination dials at the press of a button. The generous 1.8m length recoilable cable ensures that both wheels and frame can be secured to a solid object, whilst the mounting bracket with quick release mechanism allows the lock to be fixed to the bike frame or seat post for easy transportation. 10 year guarantee.

Features & Benefits

Product Data

Item No. Security
Cable thickness Cable length Product Application
K750L180 5 12mm 180cm Bikes

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