Bike Locks

With a choice of keyed or combination cable locks and a high security U shackle lock for more demanding requirements, the Kasp bike lock range offers a solution to most bike owners security needs.

Kasp 790 series

790 Series U Shackle Bike Lock

Tough and robust to resist brutal attack methods, the Kasp 790 series U Shackle Bike Lock features a steel lock body and a 13mm steel shackle specially hardened to protect against saw and bolt cutter attack.

Kasp 750 series

750 Series Combination Coil Cable Bike Lock

The feature packed 750 series is equipped with everything you would expect from a combination cable lock, and more.

<empty>Kasp 730 series

730 Series Coil Cable Bike Lock

Featuring a 12mm diameter high tensile multi-strand steel cable and an anti pick 5 pin dimple key cylinder, the Kasp 730 series offers effective and reliable cable lock protection.

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