Hasps and Staples

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Kasp 260 Series

260 Series Disc Padlock Hasp & Staples

The 260 series was specially designed to compliment the KAsp 160 series disc padlock. The unique hardened steel staple protects the shackle from attack. Also compatible with other types of padlocks to provide increased shackle protection.

Kasp 230 series

230 Series Universal Hasp & Staples

The versatile 230 series, available in a variety of sizes offers a compatible solution for most padlocks within the Kasp® range. With its tough steel construction and anti corrosion properties the 230 series is a popular choice.

Kasp 210 Series

210 Series Traditional Hasp & Staples

A traditional style hasp and staple, the 210 series offers standard security at an affordable price.

Kasp 200 Series

200 Series Lock off Hasps

Health and safety regulations regarding the isolation of industrial power supplies demand colour coded padlocks be used in conjunction with a lock off hasp. The 200 series is available in 25mm and 38mm sizes.

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