Wire-free Motion Sensor Alarms
610 Series Wire-free Motion Sensor Alarms

The 610 Series is a range of effective, quick and easy to install, wire-free motion sensor security alarms requiring no wiring or mains power.

Kasp EMS 6101

EMS6101 - Portable Motion Sensor

This alarm is a convenient and effective security device. The motion sensor detects the slightest movement attracts immediate attention through the ultra loud alarm. It can be fastened to vulnerable entry points to premises, or placed in vehicles or holdalls to protect precious belongings.

Kasp EMS 6102

EMS6102 - Wire-free 3 in 1 Alarm & Light

This alarm and light is a versatile device featuring an emergency light. The PIR (passive infra red) motion sensor detects the movements of any intruder and attracts attention through the ultra loud alarm....

Kasp EMS 6103

EMS6103 - Wire-free Garage & Shed Alarm

This alarm is a convenient and effective PIR motion sensor alarm that offers piece of mind through round the clock protection. The alarm unit sounds in your home when the motion sensor detects an intruder in your shed or garage.

Kasp EMS 6104

EMS6104 - Wire-free PIR Motion Sensor Alarm with Keypad

This alarm can be wall mounted or free-standing. The device is activated and deactivated by entering a security code via the keypad which is resettable for added security and convenience.

'Not for standard disposal' logoWEEE and RoHS Information

Under new government regulations issued in January 2007 we are all obliged and must play our part to ensure that the amount of waste of certain electrical and electronic equipment is reduced going forward.

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