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18th July 2007

Kasp®, has made some welcome additions to its award winning 190 High Security Padlock Series. This heavy-duty range has been extended to offer Keyed Alike and Master Keyed options, providing added convenience and versatility.

The practical Keyed Alike 190 series padlocks are tailor-made to specific keying requirements. Additional padlocks can be manufactured to work with existing Kasp® keys, allowing for a number of padlocks to be used with just one key.  

The Master Keyed 190 padlocks are designed to operate with different keys, but can be over-ridden by a single master key. This is ideal where security personnel may need access to several areas within a compound or emergency access is needed when a user has lost their key to an individual lock.

In addition, having purchased a Kasp® 190 padlock if further padlocks are required that will open with the same key, additional locks can be ordered from Kasp® stockists that open with an existing key.

Kasp®’s durable Keyed Alike and Master Keyed options are manufactured by their own in-house locksmiths with an impressive turnaround of 2-3 days - unlike other brands who significantly reduce levels of security by carrying stock of factory manufactured keyed alike suites, which are in wide circulation. To maintain high security, the Kasp® 190 series Keyed Alike padlocks are made to demand and with 50,000 key differs available, Kasp® virtually guarantees exclusive keyed alike suites.

Manufactured in accordance to CEN6, the complete 190 Series is ideally suited for commercial applications such as securing premises, vehicles, containers and storage units.

With extremely keen pricing of RRP £69.99 inc VAT for the standard Keyed-to-Differ version; RRP £74.99 inc VAT for the Keyed Alike option and £79.99 inc VAT for the Master Keyed padlocks, the 190 Series offers superb value when compared with other similar, yet more expensive, products on the market.

Graham Godfrey, Brand Manager for Kasp®, said:

"The new Keyed Alike and Master Keyed additions, now allows padlocks to be manufactured to the consumers’ specific keying requirements. The Master Keyed padlocks in particular allow keys to be organised along departmental or functional lines. Creating a master key allows locks to be overridden by users with greater hierarchical status and gives them an access to all areas key."

He added: “We are set to re-run our infamous national TV campaign this September, which is the biggest ever marketing drive the UK padlock market has seen.  Kasp® locks are strong – very strong – and this is proven in a test of strength and nerve demonstrated in our outstanding commercial.  




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