Choosing the right Kasp® product

What's the value of the property I'm trying to protect?
How vaulnerable is it?
Is the lock to be used in harsh weather conditions?
What is the lock attached to?
I need more than one padlock, can I have them all opening to the same key?

What's the value of the property that I'm trying to protect?
There's little point in spending a fortune on a padlock to protect something that's cheap and easily replaced. On the other hand, something of high intrinsic or cash value will warrant greater protection.
Make sure you have a good idea of the value of the property - the average garden shed contains £2000 worth of equipment which comes as a surprise to many.
Consider how much you should spend in relation to the value of your property. Kasp® recommends spending between 1 and 5%.
Padlocks are an effective deterrent and first line of defense however property of higher value may warrant additional security. Kasp® recommends protecting high value property with its wire-free motion sensor alarms in the event of the first line of defense be overcome.
How vulnerable is it?
If your property is in a high crime area or if the location would give a thief plenty of time to overcome a lock then you will need a higher level of security
Check the Kasp® security rating to make sure you have the right level of security
Is the lock to be used in harsh weather conditions?
Kasp K13545D padlocks for harsh environments
Locking a cupboard in a house is a different proposition to locking a sailing boat moored in a salt water harbour.
In the latter case you need a product made from corrosion resistant material like brass or stainless steel, or even a vinyl coated harsh environment padlock depending on the degree of shelter available.
Check the Kasp® corrosion resistant rating found on Kasp® products to determine the level of resistance.
What is the lock attached to?
Kasp security chain & padlock
Security is only as strong as its weakest link.
If the padlock is fixed to a hasp & staple or chain, make sure they are of similar security ratings otherwise your security will be compromised.
It may seem obvious but securing something like a garden gate that is easily climbed over or flimsy enough to break doesn't warrant spending on an expensive high security padlock.
I need more than one padlock, can I have them all opening to the same key?
Many Kasp® padlocks are available keyed alike which allows a number of padlocks to be opened with the same key. This avoids the need to carry a huge bunch of keys around.
If this is an issue and you require further assistance then talk to your local stockist or contact our security advisors.

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