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Lucky woman from Aberdeen wins holiday of a lifetime
October 2008

After a wet and dismal summer, most people in Britain are dreaming of an escape to the sun. And, as the credit crunch bites, for most of us that dream won’t come true this year. Not so for Kristina Blackett from Torry – she’s already had her luxury break this year, all courtesy of Kasp® - the fastest growing security brand in the UK and Ireland...MORE

A great combination from Kasp A great combination from Kasp
August 2008

Kasp® has added to its comprehensive range of padlocks with the introduction of both a medium and high security combination padlock.

Suitable for both domestic and industrial applications, including securing garden sheds, garages and lockers...MORE

Kasp riding high Kasp riding high
August 2008

Kasp®, the leading brand in security, has launched a comprehensive range of bicycle locks consisting of four products to suit most bike owners, from school children and recreational cyclist, to cycling commuters and novice motorcyclists...MORE

Kasp K11040 - Ideal for luggage Booked it. Packed it.... lost it!
September 2007

Haphazard holidaymakers are leaving themselves wide open to theft by not securing their luggage...MORE

Padlock Tailor-Made Security

July 2007

Kasp®, the UK's leading padlock brand,has made some welcome additions to its award winning 190 High Security... MORE


Secure your van with a lock you can trust Locks and Robbers

August 2007

A pessimist would say that every silver lining has its cloud and tradesmen should really be inclined to agree with...MORE

Britons urged to 'lock it or lose it' this spring National Home Security Week

August 2007

With National Security Week (25-31 August) almost upon us, Kasp®, the UK's leading supplier of... MORE

Locks you can trust Locks You Can Trust - Ben's the Living Proof
April 10th 2006

A DIRECTOR of short films and commercials found the cameras were turned on him when he carried out a death-defying stunt to demonstrate the strength of a basic brass Kasp® padlock... MORE


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