Kasp® Products

Kasp® offers a range of quality products to meet a wide spectrum of security needs. Browse the Kasp® product range or use the search facility to find the most suitable products for the most common requirements.

Kasp Padlocks


Kasp® padlocks are available in a wide range of types and sizes to give you the best possible choice for your security needs. Top quality in design and manufacture, Kasp® padlocks are LOCKS YOU CAN TRUST!

Kasp Hasps and Staples

Hasps & Staples

Don't compromise the security of your Kasp® padlock by choosing anything other than a Kasp® hasp & staple. Manufactured from quality materials for toughness and durability with a weatherproof finish to protect against corrosion.

Kasp Security Chains


A quality security chain, the 450 series features hardened steel square links with extra strong welds offering a high level of resistance to cropping and sawing. Encased in a durable fabric, reassuringly embroidered with the Kasp® logo, the 450 series cuts no corners when it comes to security.

Kasp Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

The design of the 500 series van lock and hasp makes it almost impervious to common forms of attack, the shackle-less lock is enclosed within the walls of the hasp offering virtually no points of effective attack.

Kasp Wire-Free Motion Sensor Alarms

Wire-free Motion Sensor Alarms

The 610 series is a range of quick and easy to install, wire-free motion sensor security alarms requiring no wiring or mains power.

Kasp Bike Locks

Bike Locks

With a choice of keyed or combination cable locks and a high security U shackle lock for more demanding requirements, the Kasp bike lock range offers a solution to most bike owners security needs.

Kasp Security Logo

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